Monday, January 5, 2015

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes Part 6.

Hey Lovelies,

We have made it to my last MAC eyeshadow palette! You can check my previous posts in this series  with neutrals here,  herehere, my purples palette in here and greens in here.

This is my last palette:

This palette started it's life as a black/grey toned one, but ended up being "greys and all the colors that didn't fit in my other palettes".

The shadow in the middle of the top row is actually not by MAC but I depoted it to fit into this palette. The dark shadows in here are really great but to be honest, I rarely ever reach for them. Cobalt is a PRO shade and it looks absolutely beautiful, however, my eyes have an allergic reaction to it. Bronze should be among my neutrals and I know it's is a popular shade but I somehow never grew to like it. And yellow eyeshadows... Honestly, can you guys imagine me wearing them?

So this wraps up all of my MAC palettes! I hope you enjoyed this series!


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