Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Mani: Chanel Malice (with a dupe)

Hey Lovelies,

This year Malice by Chanel is my nail polish of choice for Christmas Day. This polish is one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen! It's a dark burgundy with shimmer and fantastic formula. 

This is Malice on my nails:

Chanel Malice

Now on to the bad news: Malice was limited edition for Chanel's 2012 Christmas collection and they didn't add this color to the permanent line. However, I have a possible dupe, not the exact same color, but close enough in my opinion. 

China Glaze Short&Sassy

Short&Sassy is somewhat darker and has a different undertone, but this was the closest dupe in my collection. It has similar shimmer to the one in Malice, so you could pick this up if you like this color family.

Which is your choice of polish for the holidays?

Merry Christmas Loves! :)


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