Saturday, August 2, 2014

Marc Jacobs 206 The Lolita Palette Review And Swatches

Hey Lovelies,

I've had this palette for a couple of months now (I got it back in May with the Sephora VIB sale) so I've had more than enough time to gather my thoughts about it. It was not a question for me that when choosing a Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette, I'm going to pick up The Lolita, since this is the most neutral toned palette in the line, although recently another neutral one, The Dreamer was added to the permanent line. It retails for 59 USD and you're getting total 7 g product, which *sigh* could be more IMO, but after all, this is pure luxury.

The packaging of this palette is certainly beautiful, long and sleek black compact, that comes with a little pouch. It's very travel friendly, quite sturdy and really elegant. The first disappointment came to me when I found a sponge tip applicator in the pouch. A sponge tip applicator with such a luxurious product almost feels like an offense to me, it would've been much better not to include anything then.

The palette:

The Lolita includes 7 colors, 3 mattes, a glitter and 3 shimmers. Most of the shadows are quite lovely, creamy and easy to blend. They wore well on me all day (I used them with primer) and I didn't notice any fallout issues, except for the glittery one.

Shade number 1 is a matte off-white cream, it's creamy and nice, reminds me most of MAC Brule.
Shade number 2 is a matte nude, creamy, blendable, great crease shade, a possible dupe for MAC Wedge.
Shade number 3 is a matte dark coffee brown, it's drier than the rest of the shadows but still manageable, in color close to MAC Brun.
Shade number 4, the middle shade, a metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter, is simply a nightmare. It diffuses huge chunks of glitter all over the palette and has incredible fallout when used. I tried a couple of pro tricks to prevent the glitter fallout (including using a damp brush or patting on the shadow lightly with my ring finger) but sooner or later I always had glitter on my face, so I simply stopped using this shade.
Shade number 5 is an iridescent champagne pink sheen, and this my favorite one from the palette. The color is quite unique, great for inner corner brightening and has a lovely texture.
Shade number 6 is a light peach sheen, nice, creamy and easy to use. This shade is what MAC All That Glitters would look like with a pink undertone.
Shade number 7 is a rosy copper sheen, another creamy and blendable shadow. It's like a pinker version of MAC Woodwinked.

Final thoughts:
My feelings are completely neutral about this palette. I like it but I couldn't fall in love with it. I'm not telling you that it's not a nice to have product, but I feel like for this price tag, you're not supposed to get a horrific shade (the glittery one) and another just ok shade (the third one). If this palette is in your budget and you often reach for neutral colors, certainly go for it, you'll love it for everyday use, but I still feel like you could get better quality shadows for less money.

Do you have this palette?


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