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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Set Review

Hey Lovelies,

This palette was certainly the product that I was the most excited about this autumn and now it's finally with me! This palette is so perfect to me both on the inside and outside too. The design and the colors  are so rich and so warm, you just can't resist. :) The packaging is a sturdy cardboard box and you get a quite big mirror with it too. In the palette there is a small booklet with make-up ideas (by youtubers and instagrammers), you get an eyebrow pencil, a waterproof eyeliner, a dual-ended brush and a pair of tweezers and the actual eyeshadows are in a separate little tray. 

I've not yet tried the brush, it looks average quality, it's not the softest thing I've ever touched (that would obviously be my Laura Mercier Pony Tail brush) but I can imagine that you could still use it from time to time. I've tried the tweezers, they work ok, they are just slightly big for my hands to work with. I will probably throw them in my travel kit. The eyebrow pencil was really nice, I have the Brow Wiz by Anastasia (which I love) and I was surprised how great the pencil worked. I didn't like the eyeliner too much though, I used it for the make-up look I created with the set and it smudged under my eyes in 4-5 hours.

Covet Waterproof Eyeliner in Noir and Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown

Now the coolest and my most favorite part of the palette are obviously the eyeshadows. Here is what they look like:

The eyeshadows in natural light

The eyeshadows with flash

All of the shadows are very nicely pigmented, not powdery at all (with the exception of Cream maybe) and I loved working with them. Here are the swatches:

Cream, Antique, Rum Cake, Moss, Truffle in natural light

Cream, Antique, Rum Cake, Moss, Truffle with flash

Ballet, Orange Soda, Sienna, Pink Sapphire, Black Diamond in natural light

Ballet, Orange Soda, Sienna, Pink Sapphire, Black Diamond with flash

Cream is a light matte peach. MAC Orb is similar but a touch browner.
Antique is a shimmery gray with a purple undertone. In the pan it reminded me of Satin Taupe by MAC but when I swatched them, Satin Taupe was a lot more brown based. 
Rum Cake is a shimmery mid-tone brown. MAC Antiqued is a bit redder. 
Moss is my favorite shade from the palette, it's a pretty mid-tone green color, somewhere between MAC Sumptuos Olive and Humid.
Truffle is a shimmery reddish brown, it's a quite unique color, I couldn't really find a good dupe for it in my collection. MAC Mulch is much darker. 
Ballet is a light pink with glitter. This color is quite sheer. MAC Sweet Lust is lighter and more pigmented. 
Orange Soda is a warm matte orangey brown and I couldn't find any good dupes for it in my collection. MAC Samoa Silk was closest but less orange.
Sienna is a warm matte mid-tone brown. MAC Brown Script is darker.
Pink Sapphire is a beautiful shimmery brown with purple undertones and great color payoff.
Black Diamond is a very nicely pigmented black with rose gold shimmer.

I would say that this palette is a must-have if you like warm and rich shades. You're getting here a good selection of mattes and shimmers and this palette could bring you from day to night. I also like the little twist, that you receive eyebrow products with it too, which is of course no big surprise from Anastasia.

The palette retails for $38. I got mine from Sephora. 

So which is your favorite palette for this fall?

UPDATE: If you missed the Lavish Palette, don't worry, because now all shadows are available individually on the ABH website! :)


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the palette with my own money. 

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  1. I have been dying for this palette but, it is no longer on any websites to purchase! Would love to purchase it from you or trade you for a few products! If interested, please email me! Thank you!